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Women like you and me, we don’t have to throw our hands in the air and say “oh well, I’m 50, it’s too late.”....Watch the video below now to find out what we can do instead…..


I want YOU to be a part of my first book - Bolder Beyond 50. 

From: Argentina Leyva

RE: Bolder Beyound 50 Book + Retreat

Monday, July 15th 2019

Dear Diva:

My Bolder Beyond 50 Book + Retreat will feature the stories and lessons of vibrant everyday women like you who see their 50’s as a chance to celebrate and LEAP into the best years of our lives.  

BUT this is so much more than just a book…..  

That’s because the women who participate in the book will ALSO be joining me for a luxury retreat and boudoir photoshoot experience in BALI, FIJI, PARIS or COZUMEL!  

THIS is for women who are ready to THRIVE in their 50 plus and fabulous life. And if you are not 50 yet, but want to ensure that by the time you are 50, you are exactly where you want to be. This experience is for you too!  

Women who’ve previously attended my retreats have said things like…  

“It was so fun and so liberating”  

“I’m so much more clear and unafraid to share my desires for this next exciting stage of my life”  

“I feel like I know myself even more and more importantly am more proud of who I am”  

I want you to be able to experience a transformation and leap into your 50’s with as much ENERGY + VIBRANCE as these women did.  

Click on the link below to apply to BE BOLDER BEYOND 50!  

 Argentina Leyva 


 Don't Take My Word For It.

Women who have previously attended my retreats have said things like… 

"Not knowing if I was going to survive cancer, I wanted to leave my husband a beautiful album with boudoir images that he always wanted but I was always too afraid to do because I was very insecure about my body. After my boudoir session with Argentina, I felt so empowered I decided I was not going to leave without a fight. A year after my session Argentina invited me to join her in Fiji and I immediately said yes! I honestly belive that my boudoir experience helped me beat cancer and I felt more alive and greatful than ever. Not only that, I felt beautiful and sexy for the first time in my life and I wanted to celebrate my survival and 35 years of marriage with the trip that I always said I would take some day but never did. Being in Fiji taking photos in this amazing location made me feel full of life and look forward to what life still has to offer."

-Lori, Retired ...... FIJI

“I have been married for 25 years. Raised four wonderful children and dedicated my life to my family and career. Now that I am an empty nester and turning 50, I wanted to reconnect with myself , find what makes me happy and redesing this new stage of my life. One of the things I really wanted was to overcome my body insecurities. Being alwyas the "big girl" in the family, I always felt less than good enough. I decided to go to Fiji with Argetina to do something realy bold and out of my comfort zone to discover me again. What I got was very unexpected! I had never seen myself as being sexy but when I saw my images I just started crying! I couldnt' belive that at 50 and as a big girl I could be beautiful. Being in this trip helped me find myself and at my return home, I immediately started to work on my new life plan. I am so excited about the future! Thank you Argentina, you turly saved me and showed me my beauty and my strength."

-Sandy, Care Giver and mother of four ......FIJI

“This was such an amazing experience! My life has been in a pause mode for the last 10 years being a single mom, working full time and going to school part time to become a nurse. I had finally just finished my last classes to graduate when I got Argentina's email about going to Fiji and I jumped at the idea of finally doing something for me. Being a model was one of the funnest experiences of my life. My body was not the same after my son and I wanted to feel confident and beautiful with this images. I honestly coudn't belive the woman in those photos was me!. this Model experience is something every woman should do to celebrate herself.”

-Jamie, Single Mom and Nurse .......FIJI

"For the last 8 years, all I focused on was on buidling my business and raising my two babies. I was so busy that I became disconnected from myself and even my husband, I needed a break away from everything to help me recover and also reconnect with my husband who has done nothing but support me though it all. We had our 10 year anniversary coming up so I thought this would be a great way to do something special for me. I always dreamt of taking photos looking like a model so, when I heard of Argentina going to Cozumel for beach photoshoots, I was the first one to sign up! My photoshoots were nerve wrecking at the beginning because people is watching you, but Argentina has the power to transport you to a different dimension where only you exist at that moment. It was so amazing and I truly felt like a model. Argentina also suggested to add my husband to one of the photoshoots so that we could have beautiful images for our anniversary. All the images were soooo amazing! I couldn't believe that was me. After two babies I wasn't sure if I was going to look any good, but to my surprise, I loved all my images! This experience was exactly what I needed and I think every woman and working mom out there, deserves a break and do someting very special just for her."

-Christine, Entrepenur and Mom .......COZUMEL

Bolder Beyond 50 Retreat dates and destinations:

COZUMEL, Nov 26-Dec 1, 2020 TWO SPOTS LEFT

FIJI, March 10-19, 2022 ONE SPOT LEFT

This Isn't Just Another Retreat

Here is what you will get in your Bolder Beyond 50 retreat in Fiji:

  • Round Trip Airfare from LAX airport
  • 8 night Accommodations in your private Fijian Bure overlooking the ocean
  • All needed transportation
  • All meals 
  • One photoshoot at one of the amazing locations of our private island resort.
  • Professional makeup application
  • Private viewing of you images 
  • Group coaching delivered twice a month in our private Facebook Group
  • One-on-one coaching with Argentina to focus on your personal Breakthrough
  • Connecting with like-minded women like you. Here is where many get the biggest value!
  • Time and space for you to celebrate and reconnect with yourself - trust us when we say you'll leave feeling more relaxed and confident.

Are You Ready To Be Bolder Beyond 50?  

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Capacity for each retreat is LIMITED!

I look forward learning more about you and personally connecting with you.  


Argentina Leyva

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